Spring is coming…

23 Feb

Spring is coming (ideas for outdoor hardscapes and decks)

They weather has been quite awful this season but it won’t be long now until spring is officially in full swing and homeowners everywhere could benefit from preparing to make
the great outdoors even greater with hardscaping designs. Having a beautiful home doesn’t have to start and stop on the interior of a building. A living space can be transformed with the right inspiration for jaw-dropping patios, stunning decks, and beautiful walkways.

Hardscaping concepts give you the means to enjoy the weather as it starts to get a little warmer, while enjoying the blossom of new flowers, and taking in the wonders of nature around you. With the right outdoor space, you can invite friends and family to come and relax alongside you, and with so many different options available, you may be surprised to learn just how much you can do, with even the most space-conscious of gardens.

Different Types of Hardscaping

Hardscaping is an essential part of your residential outdoor living space. As a term, it refers to the hard, non-living features that make up your landscape, such as bricks, concrete, wood and more. The hardscape of your property can include anything from walkways and decks, to ornamental features and edging.

Hardscapes can be formal or informal, depending on the atmosphere you want to create, and the surrounding landscape. Often, textural variety is an important factor, as using a single texture may cause your space to appear dull and lifeless, whereas too many textures can cause an area to seem cluttered and unattractive. Find a balance, and try to choose between no more than two or three different hardscape materials. You should ensure that the textures you do choose are both visually appealing, and complimentary to the exterior of your home. After all, hardscaping should add to the overall appearance of your home, not detract from it.

Common Features of Hardscaping
In addition to decks, patios, driveways, outside structures and the like, there are a number of hardscaping features for homeowners to choose from. Paths and walkways are common elements within a landscape, which are often designed using materials like bricks, flagstone, pavers and woodchips. Retaining walls consisting of concrete blocks and rocks are also a kind of hardscape feature. You may even find that features such as stone and wooden steps are included within a complete hardscape design.

Hardscaping Ideas

Whenever you are selecting the hardscape features for your home, consider what their overall purpose will be in relation to the current theme or style of the building. Different areas of your landscape may need different hardscaping elements according to their purpose. For instance, play areas may use softer materials, whereas entertainment or dining areas may need a deck or patio to be added, that is level enough to house chairs and tables.

Other features to consider include backdrops and accessories, both of which can be important to your overall design. For instance, a sitting garden may be enhanced by a comfortable seating space or bench. Water features can be added as a way of drawing the eye to a focal point within your garden, and fences can be used to home attractive climbing plants, or hide unsightly spaces.

Hardscaping doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require planning, so if you want to be ready for the spring, it’s time to start considering your needs now. Make sure that all of your hardscaping efforts complement their surroundings.

For any questions or if you are looking to improve your home, please give us a call at (617) 480-6836 or email us at info@aureliconstruction.com or visit www.aureliconstruction.com


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